RSPCA looking for new home for cute cat

Could you resist this cute black and white cat called Gainsford who is looking for a new home.

Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 1:55 pm
Updated Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 1:58 pm
Gainsford the cat at RSPCA Sheffield is looking for a new home

Gainsford was admitted to the RSPCA Centre in Sheffield on December 6 last year. He is a domestic short haired cat aged five years and eight months old.

He has no known health issues and may even interact positively with dogs.

Gainsford is described by RSPCA staff as a handsome chap and they say since the day he arrived he has always been outgoing, curious and friendly.

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Adam Spencer of RSPCA Sheffield said: “He came to us suffering with both a tummy upset and flu symptoms, he really was feeling under the weather. We immediately got him on medication for both issues to try and help him to feel better. It has taken a good few months to get him fit and well again but he’s very nearly there!”

He added: “Gainsford is a very chatty chap and he will talk and chirp to anyone and everyone willing to listen. He is an active little guy and enjoys human company so much. He will have a gentle groom and a play when he’s in the mood, but his favourite thing to do is sing us all a song.”

He added that Gainsford is very sweet, but at times he can be easily overstimulated which can result in him nipping

or swiping out, but he never means any harm by this he just gets excited sometimes.

Adam further added: “This lovely boy is a bit of a worrier and finds changes in circumstances a bit tough to deal with. His new family will need to be willing to work with him and give him extra support when needed.

“Gainsford is looking for a loving, cat experienced home where any children are older teens.”

To give Gainsford a home call the RSPCA on 0114 2898050 before 4pm.