RSPCA help Bella the cat to get back to her Sheffield home

Staff at the RSPCA were delighted to be able to reunite a lost cat with her owner during a neutering event.

Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 11:10 am
Updated Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 11:17 am
Staff at the RSPCA were delighted to be able to reunite a lost cat, Bella, with her owner during aneutering event in Sheffield.

The event, held earlier this month at the Crystal Peaks shopping centre by the animal charity, aimed to neuter owned cats for free to help tackle the cat overpopulation crisis in the city. However, RSPCA staff had an unexpected arrival when a concerned person brought a stray cat which they had been feeding to the shopping centre. A quick scan revealed that the cat, called Bella, had a microchip and an hour and a half later she was reunited with her relieved owner.  Julie Dyett, Bella's owner, said: 'She had gone missing on July 22, the day after I came back from holiday. We looked everywhere and just when we had given up hope, the call came right out of the blue. 'A man and his wife had been feeding her which I'm really grateful for. They have cats of their own and she just kept turning up for food. It worked out so well, him taking her to the event. 'She is microchipped so they were able to contact me and I collected her that same afternoon. 'She has recently moved in with me, as she used to live with my daughter. Where she was found was about half way back to her old house so I think she had got confused and was trying to make her way back. 'She was a bit stressed when I went to get her, but otherwise she's fine. I'm keeping her indoors for the minute to give her time to settle in.' During the event, ten cats were micro-chipped and money was also raised money for the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre. F information about the neutering scheme, visit

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