RSPCA: ‘Gorgeous’ cat Griffin needs a new home

Griffin, a cat who is being cared for by RSPCA Sheffield but needs a new forever home.
Griffin, a cat who is being cared for by RSPCA Sheffield but needs a new forever home.
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This ‘gorgeous’ cat is four-year-old Griffin, who is looking for a new home to settle in to after living as a stray.

Griffin was taken in to RSPCA Sheffield by an inspector, who found him living rough, underweight and poorly.

He had a lump in his mouth, but thankfully the this was removed and found to be nothing serious. He also had a damaged tail, but this is due to an old injury and causes him no issues.

RSPCA staff have spent the last two and a half months nursing Griffin back to full-health and now - after a few weeks of yummy meals and attention - he is ready to find a new forever home with a family who will take care of him.

Adam Spencer from RSPCA Sheffield said Griffin would make a gorgeous pet.

He added: “Griffin was quite shy on arrival, he was very unsure of us and chose to hide away, occasionally hissing when we approached.

“After a few settling in days, he would allow us to gently fuss him, as long as we were quiet and gentle.

“He soon began to enjoy a gentle groom showing his appreciation with a loud purr. Over the coming weeks, Griffin settled even more, and he still continues to grown in confidence by the day.

“He now greets his carers and initiates interaction, he even enjoys some interactive playtime with a fishing rod toy if he’s in the mood.”

Giffin is looking for a quieter home with older children who will offer him lots of love and support. He suffers from FIV, a condition which affects the immune system of a cat, like HIV in humans, and that means he needs to live an indoor only lifestyle, where he can be the only cat in the household.

If you can offer Griffin what he needs, call 0114 289 8050 or call into the RSPCA offices, two Stadium Way.