RSPCA: Can you give Justice a new happy home in Sheffield?

Justice, a cat who is at RSPCA Sheffield.
Justice, a cat who is at RSPCA Sheffield.
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This ‘sweet’ boy is Justice, he’s a seven-year-old black cat who is looking for a new home after years of unhappiness.

He was taken in to RSPCA Sheffield after an inspector found him in a terrible condition when he was living as a stray cat.

Adam Spencer, of RSPCA Sheffield, said: “This poor lad had large, necrotic wounds on both sides of his face caused by abscesses. It must have been so sore.

“Weeks of pain relief and antibiotics helped him to slowly heal but this nervous boy had obviously had it tough and he found it difficult to trust humans.

“He would hiss and lash out when he felt frightened so the staff spent time with him daily having a chat and offering him tasty treats to make him feel less upset.”

After five months of love, care and attention from the RSPCA staff, Justice is warming to human contact and is ready for his new forever home.

Adam added: “Despite still being unsure of being handled and touched, he is much more interactive and will trill, chirp and headbutt the staff he is closest to. Katie, his main carer also has been doing clicker work with him and he can touch on command.

“We hope that in a home he will continue to develop and grow and become even more confident and relaxed.”

Justice, who Adam describes as a ‘sweet boy’, has FIV, a condition which affects the immune system of a cat like HIV in humans, and he is looking to live an indoor only lifestyle where he can be the only cat in the household. He also has some arthritis and sclerosis in his hips and will need to be on medication for the rest of his life.

Call 0114 289 8050.