RSPCA Appeal: Jake needs a new home

Can you provide a home for Jake?Can you provide a home for Jake?
Can you provide a home for Jake?
Kind hearted animal lovers are being asked to give bubbly and bright crossbreed Jake a new home.

RSPCA officers are appealing for someone to provide a permanent home for Jake who is aged one-year and nine months.

The lovable crossbreed has been at the RSPCA since last October.

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A RSPCA spokesman said: “Jake is very bright and a little cheeky but who doesn`t love an enthusiastic, teenage personality.

“He loves to be busy and has lots of energy that he is eager to put to good use. We have introduced him to scentwork and he finds this very interesting and rewarding and it keeps his intelligent mind busy.

“He would be well suited to a home where people enjoy exercising with their dog and embarking on fun activities and adventures as a family.

“Jake is after a home where he will rarely be left until he is sure you are definitely going to come home to him.”

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Officers said Jake would be suited to a home with another energetic dog.

The spokesman added: “Jake quite likes the company of other dogs but can be a little full on and so may be suitable to live with another dog with a similar energy level and personality. To ensure that they are both happy and comfortable within the home, we will hold several introductions at the centre to ensure everyone is happy before moving in together.

We are looking for a quiet adult home for Jake with owners who have plenty of time, patience and experience to help him to understand what being a part of a family is all about. Sadly, so far he has more negative experiences than positive so he will need lots of love, support and reassurance to help him to settle into his new life.”

Jake came to the Sheffield branch after struggling to be rehomed.

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The spokesman said: “Although our rescue centre is just for a temporary stay, we love that we get to meet so many wonderful and interesting characters. Jake is one such dog who has come to stay with us whilst we help him to find a new home. He has been at another branch for a good while with very little interest and despite being only a young dog he had very little stability or proper care before coming into RSPCA care.

n Give Jake a new home by contacting 0114 289 8050 or call into the RSPCA offices, two Stadium Way.

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