Royal Wewdding: Meers of the real celebrate big day

Royal wedding meercats at Yorkshire Willdlife Park
Royal wedding meercats at Yorkshire Willdlife Park
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Royal Wedding fever grabbed Doncaster - and not just among the people!

Many families were glued to the television yesterday as Prince William went down the aisle with his new Princess Kate.

And - while they could not get access to a television screen - the meerkats at Yorkshire Wildlife Park found themselves the nearest option they could.

Staff and visitors watched as the animals frolicked around a cardboard cut-out of the couple.

The cut-out was moved out of the Branton zoo’s shop to give the meerkats a taste of the occasion - and it fascinated them.

Director Cheryl Williams said: “When we put them in we thought it was possible they may not come out, that they may be a bit scared.

“But within five minutes they were coming out to have a look.

“Bandit was the first, he must be the bravest, and then they realised it was perfectly safe.

“I think they must be fans of the Royal Family - they usually climb up on their rock to try to be king of the castle.”

But the royal couple could not stay with the meerkats for too long.

“We had to move them eventually,” said Cheryl. “The meercats were taking too much interest in Kate’s feet and started to chew them!”

Elsewhere in the borough, youngsters had been going through their own Royal Wedding experience.

Pupils at Mayflower Primary School, in Bawtry, may not have managed to get an invitation to the main event at Westminster Abbey.

But they got into the next best thing by taking part in their own mock up of the big day.

The town’s St Nicholas Church stood in for Westminster Abbey, with Vicar of Bawtry Jonathan Strickland filling in for the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Eight-year-old pupils Kira Chipman and Rhys Bradley stood in for Kate Middleton and Prince William, while nine-year-old Joe Muxlow took the place of Prince Harry as best man.