Royal Mail sell off

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Looks like the “workers’” government of “Posh” Dave didn’t last long then?

He’s decided to sell off what remains of the Royal Mail, but not to private investors.

Where there’s a bob or two to be made, ‘Posh’ Dave again ensures his government of the “workers” of this country decides to ignore all of the rhetoric he spouted during the election and as usual, in this case, Royal Mail shares will only be available, at a small discount, to ‘Posh’ Dave’s friends in the City institutions and banks who will then sell them on at massive profits to small private investors.

This is typical, yet again, of how this ‘nasty profiteering party’ works, so remember, ‘Posh’ Dave has nothing at all in common with the working classes of this country. He’s married to a Baronet’s daughter for a start, isn’t he?

What would he ever know of any struggle whatsoever to put food on the table, etc?

Government of the workers? Absolute rubbish. The ‘nasty party’ is and always has been the party of the rich, full stop.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74