Royal Mail lorry filmed driving in Sheffield with shutter open and package about to fall out

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A Royal Mail lorry has been caught driving around Sheffield with its back door open and parcels on the verge of falling out.

Peter Moff uploaded footage to Facebook of the Royal Mail van approaching a roundabout by Meadowhall with its back open.

Van driver in Sheffield - Credit: Peter Moff

Van driver in Sheffield - Credit: Peter Moff

As the driver gets closer to the van, the passenger zooms in on the visible content inside.

The camera then focuses on one cylinder shaped parcel which is perilously verged hanging out its container and close to falling out.

As the car approaches the Royal Mail driver, the passenger is heard telling him that the back is open and that five parcels have already fallen out.

The Royal Mail driver can then be heard uttering an expletive in shock before the car drives away.

Contents of van - Credit: Peter Moff

Contents of van - Credit: Peter Moff

Peter Moff's video, entitled 'No wonder Royal Mail loose (sic) so much parcels today in Sheffield', has been viewed more than 56,000 times and had almost 600 shares.

In the video, the passenger is heard saying: "This is why all your parcels go missing with Parcel Force.Royal Mail lorry, all parcels hanging out of the back."

He then shouts to the driver: "Your back's open, your bags are all falling out. About five parcels have fallen out."

A Royal Mail spokesperson told the Daily Mail: "Royal Mail is very sorry for any distress this incident may have caused members of the public.

"We regularly remind our drivers about driving safely and observing the rules of the road when out delivering or collecting mail."

The spokesperson added: "At the same time, the security of mail is of paramount importance to Royal Mail.

"We take all such incidents extremely seriously, and we will be investigating this as a matter of urgency."