Row sparks call to move Doncaster green space's car park

A row over access to a Doncaster green space's car park had led to a call for it to be re-located.
Coun  Mick Glynn at the entrance to the park, and car park at St Mary's Road in DunsvilleCoun  Mick Glynn at the entrance to the park, and car park at St Mary's Road in Dunsville
Coun Mick Glynn at the entrance to the park, and car park at St Mary's Road in Dunsville

A town councillor and a nearby resident want to see the car park which serves the Quarry Park in Hatfield moved because they are concerned it has developed a problem with anti-social behaviour.

And they believe its main access route involves vehicles using a bridleway which they do not believe they should be crossing.

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Hatfield Town Councillor Mick Glynn is backing the call after concerns were raised by Michael Hand, who lives near the car park, and has also been in talks with officials at Doncaster Council over the issue.

Coun Glynn said the antisocial behaviour that had been going on near Mr Hand's home was unacceptable, and feels that if there is a question mark over access issues, then the car park should be elsewhere.

Mr Hand is a key holder to car park gate, because he lives very close to it. He has been trusted to open and close the gates.

He started taking action to close the gates early to try to stop the nuisance behaviour, and received complaints from some people as a result.

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He said: "Problems started four months ago. The car park has been there for 20 years, and people have had to come down the bridleway to get to the to the car park from St Mary's Road.

"Four months ago we had trouble with youths coming in cars coming down and doing handbrake turns and playing loud music. People were afraid to go there.

"I made a stand and said to the council 'if you're not prepared to do anything I will'. I started shutting the gate, because I'm a key holder for it.

"Youths were coming at 6.30pm , and I told the council I was going to shut the gate before that time. But it caused uproar among dog walkers.

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"I was closing the gate so that families and dog walkers in the park were not disturbed.

"Then I was told that the car park was accessed via a bridleway that had existed before 1948, which was a year when the Government passed a law that meant bridleways had to be put on a definitive map.

"We now want the car park closed and relocated. There is a track off St George's Road which we think could be used instead."

A Doncaster Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the reported issues at Quarry Park and are proactively working on a solution. This includes monitoring the site and reporting any incidents of anti-social behaviour to South Yorkshire Police.”