Row over work on crossing

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I AM descended from a female Barnsley miner and am researching a book about women and girls who worked in mining in the 19th century.

As part of my research, I wish to find out what happened to women and girls who were affected by the ban on females working underground in 1842.

When the Children’s Employment Commission visited Stocksbridge in 1841 they discovered seven young girls working in the mines at Hunshelf. They were: Ann Hague (born 18270), Mary Hague (1831), Hannah Hoyle (1831), Sarah Moorhouse (1826), Elizabeth Moorhouse (1831), Harriet Morton (1826) and Elizabeth Morton (1831).

If any readers are descended from these girls and know anything about them, or if they have female miners in their family I ‘d love to hear.

Denise Bates