Row over family services

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Young families have suffered following months of ‘dither and delay’ from Sheffield Council over services, a councillor has claimed.

Coun Colin Ross, the Liberal Democrats’ spokesman for Early Years Services, has accused city leaders of leaving strategy in tatters after taking too much time to tender out contracts.

So far six local providers have declined contracts for prevention and intervention services, with only one local contract successfully agreed.

The delay could mean some of the organisations providing the service may be forced to close, with individual projects also at risk.

Coun Ross, who represents Dore and Totley, said: “When Labour politicians unveiled their new strategy they promised it would improve services for young families, yet plans have unravelled quicker than a cat with a ball of yarn.

“Local providers have been subjected to delay as Labour politicians dithered in the town hall. As a result the majority have been forced to decline the contract. It’s local families who are seeing their services suffer.”