Row erupts over "hated" blue recycling boxes

The 'blue box madness' has been slammed by a Sheffield councillor as residents start to switch to new brown recycling bins

Thursday, 6th September 2018, 7:23 am
Updated Thursday, 6th September 2018, 7:27 am
New brown recycling bins are being introduced in Sheffield

Labour is introducing brown bins because the blue boxes were overwhelmingly unpopular. They blamed the Lib Dems for introducing the “hated” boxes when they were in control of the council.

But the Lib Dems say there will be no improvement with the brown bins because people still won’t be able to recycle many different kinds of plastic - for example, yogurt pots or fruit trays.

There will be one collection per month for the blue bin - which should now only be used for paper and cardboard. There will be one collection per month for the new brown bin - which is used for glass, plastic bottles and tins. And fortnightly black bin collections stay the same.

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Labour councillor Karen McGowan told full council that all plastic can be taken to bring-it sites.

“Before the blue box madness the council collected over 19 tonnes of paper and card for recycling, but now this has dropped by over 25 per cent.

“There has been widespread public criticism ever since the introduction of the blue box. I remember back in 2010 standing outside shops at Gleadless Townend asking the public’s opinion on the blue box and the overwhelming response was negative, they didn’t like it and it didn’t make sense. But the Lib Dems wouldn’t listen.

“The brown bin will replace the hated blue box, meaning there is significantly more space for paper and card recycling. It’s the same size as the black bin and it’s expected that this will encourage greater recycling. “

Lib Dem Leader Shaffaq Mohammed said other places such as Chesterfield could recycle more plastic waste

He said: “Labour promised a more dynamic recycling service and a service that enabled residents to recycle more easily - this is not being delivered. There will be no expansion in what can be recycled therefore no improvement, only cost cutting and a worse service.”

The Green Party claimed Sheffield was one of the worst in the country for recycling. Coun Martin Phipps said: “Sheffield burns most of its waste, making the incinerator a very high emitter of CO2, which contributes to climate change. Spending millions on new brown bins will not change that.”