Rovers pledge to find toilet vandals

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DONCASTER Rovers have pledged to crack down on supporters who smeared excrement over walls at a rival football ground.

The club has launched an investigation to find the yobs who vandalised toilets at the home of London side Leyton Orient.

A spokesman said: “The club is determined to do all within its power to protect the excellent reputation which our travelling fans have long enjoyed, and will not hesitate to take appropriate action against any individual identified as being the cause of any behaviour which brings the club’s reputation into dispute.”

Cubicle walls at the club’s Brisbane Road ground were smeared with the initials “DRFC” using human waste during Rovers’ 2-0 League One win on Saturday.

Photos of the incident are later understood to have been posted on social media websites.

The club spokesman said: “Sadly, much to the disappointment and annoyance of all true loyal Rovers’ fans, this excellent reputation was dented as a result of an outrageous act of vandalism carried out by one or more individuals.

More than 600 Rovers fans were at the game and the club has apologised to Leyton Orient for the incident, which led to the toilets being closed while cleaning took place.

Paul Mayfield, chairman of the Retford Branch of the Rovers supporters’ club, slammed the vandalism.

He said: “I heard about it after the game and was shown a picture.

“It’s disgusting someone could lower themselves to do that.

“This doesn’t portray Rovers fans in a very good light.

“One of the problems we have is that when we play in London, we get supporters who don’t normally go to games, coming out, drinking too much and making idiots of themselves.”

Leo Tyrie, Leyton Orient press officer, said: “We accept Doncaster’s apology for what we believe was an isolated incident which we don’t believe reflects generally on the club’s support.”