“Roundabout changed my life”

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A Sheffield woman has revealed how local youth homeless charity Roundabout changed her life - as the city charity celebrates 40 years.

The woman, identified only as ‘SG’ has told how the charity came to her aid when she became homeless at the age of 19.

Today - a business woman and homeowner - SG, who is busy planning her wedding next year, says Roundabout gave her a ‘warm, safe environment’ when there was nowhere else for her to turn.

SG said: “I’d completely gone off the rails and my mum couldn’t cope. She kicked me out so, at the age of 19, I became homeless.”

With nowhere else to go, SG moved into Roundabout’s hostel. Roundabout supports vulnerable young people in Sheffield by providing shelter, support and life skills. Through a variety of services, the charity aims to support and empower young people who are homeless to learn the necessary skills they need to become independent.

SG said: “When I first arrived, everything was really overwhelming. Finding myself in a hostel was a shock to the system and I felt alone. I was assigned a key worker who was great and kept encouraging me to spend more time with other residents and to get involved with activities. Slowly, I began to settle into hostel life.”

Nine days after moving in, SG was moved to one of the flats in the building next door, where she had her own room and shared a living area and bathroom.

SG said: “Meeting such a variety of people really helped me build up my confidence. After a few months, staff helped me find a job and then a studio flat. I gained my level 2 NVQ in business and administration and now work in a bank, which is a challenging role but I’m really enjoying it. I live in a three-bedroom house, and am getting married in 2018.

“Whenever I see a Roundabout donation box, I always put some money in. The charity does so much for young people like me, teaching them to pay bills, manage money and, most importantly, take control of their own lives.”