Roughshod trampling of city’s heritage is wrong

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The decision to uphold the university’s permission to demolish part of the city’s heritage for their engineering block must be a one-off situation.

And whilst the laudable efforts of campaigners to save the Jessop wing may have failed, there is still time to take some positives from their efforts.

Simply, such a roughshod trampling of our city’s heritage must not be allowed to ever happen again.

The planners, who initially sent the plans back for reconsideration and were subsequently overruled, must be allowed their professional judgement.

Otherwise what is the point of paying for experts in their field?

The area planning board, which voted along party lines to pass the proposal, must be asked where their instructions came from, and why.

Bodies such as the Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society must be allowed good publicity at the outset of any future sign of incursion on our city’s heritage so that it is a widely-known threat when it first rears its head.

We have now seen to our cost what a body supported by specialists in circumventing the Listed Building laws and with the money to brief barristers can achieve if we are not watchful.

Sheffield University have won a battle. If that encourages them to look at other protected sites we must ensure that they lose the war.

John Brown

Cliffe Field Road, S8