Rotherham sex abuse trial: Woman told her house would be 'firebombed'

The trial is taking place at Sheffield Crown Court
The trial is taking place at Sheffield Crown Court

A mother who tried to intervene when she found out her daughter was associating with a group of older Asian men in Rotherham was told her house would be firebombed, prosecutors have said.

Sheffield Crown Court heard how the girl had sex with two of the defendants - brothers Arshid and Basharat Hussain, known as Ash and Bash - and a third Hussain brother, known as Bono.

Michelle Colborne QC, prosecuting, said the girl, who is now 30, first met Bono when she was 14 years old.

"He saw that she wore school uniform and knew how old she was," Ms Colborne said.

The prosecutor said the girl's mother "was a single parent and struggled to deal with (her) associating with older Asian males.

"She saw (her daughter) with either Ash and Bash on the street outside their house one day and tried to get (her daughter) to come with her.

"Later, she received a phone call. An Asian male voice spoke to her and said 'I'm going to firebomb your house tonight'."

Ms Colborne said the parents of another alleged victim were "distraught" about what was going on and her father got into a fight with Arshid Hussain.

"After that (the girl) went missing for weeks at a time," the prosecutor said.

She said the teenager got pregnant when she was 14 and had a termination.

Ms Colborne said a police protection order was taken out in 2000 on the basis the girl was in "moral and physical danger".

She became pregnant again when she was 15 and gave birth to a son.

The defendants deny all charges.

The trial continues.