Rotherham sex abuse trial: Basharat Hussain denies allegations against him

Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Rotherham, South Yorkshire
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A central defendant in the Rotherham child grooming trial has said that he ‘does not know’ some of the girls that have made allegations against him.

Sheffield Crown Court heard from Basharat Hussain, aged 39, who is accused of a string of offences relating to six girls, all now aged in their thirties.

Hussain, said he did not know two of the girls, but did know the other four who have made the allegations against him.

He admitted having ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ relationships with some of the complainants.

Gillian Batts, for Hussain, asked him about Girl C, who said she first met him near a children’s home in Rotherham when she was 12-year-old.

Ms Batts asked: “Have you ever been there?”

Hussain replied: “No, never have.”

“The complainant (Girl C) alleges that you have asked her to perform oral sex on yourself and another person while you were in your car. Is this true?”

“No, no it’s not true,” Mr Hussain responded.

Ms Batts then turned to allegations which were made from Girl C about events that happened in Blackpool.

The court previously heard how Girl C was taken to the seaside town, before being locked in a room above a restaurant and made to have sex with men for several months.

When she was eventually rescued and brought back to South Yorkshire, the girl was discovered to be suffering from scabies, nits, chlamydia and gonorrhoea due to the conditions she had been kept in, the court previously heard.

When asked about the Blackpool allegations, Mr Hussain said: “Again, this is not true.”

Hussain also denied forcing Girl D to perfrom oral sex on him inside a flat in Rotherham.

Basharat Hussain denies all charges against him.

The trial continues.