Rotherham school run chaos fear as autumn term looms

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RESIDENTS blighted by traffic trouble at a nearby school has pleaded with parents to be more considerate when their children return after the break.

People living on an estate in Treeton, Rotherham, say they are ‘dreading’ children returning to the local primary school due to the chaos which ensues on morning and afternoon runs. Householders in Bradshaw Avenue, next to one of Treeton Primary School’s entrances, have complained that they find themselves blocked in on a daily basis, while motorists act irresponsibly as they scramble for spots to avoid a short walk.

Treeton Parish Council has been at loggerheads with the school and parents over the issue, with visits from traffic wardens and numerous public pleas failing to resolve the issue.

It is a problem which affects hundreds of neighbourhoods across South Yorkshire, one which has been highlighted in the wake of South Yorkshire Safer Road Partnership’s It’s Your Child campaign, backed by The Star.

The pilot project has awarded £2,000 to a selection of schools in Sheffield to help introduce safety improvements.

But councillors in Treeton believe that the best chance of a solution is for parents to park further away, or walk instead.

Coun John Swift, chairman of Treeton Parish Council and a member of Rotherham Council, said: “Treeton is the sort of place where children can walk to school without their parents at the age of six.

“Some who live as little as 400 yards away are being brought by car.

“There are three little cul-de-sacs being blocked on a daily basis and the majority of people who live in them don’t have children.

“People are dreading the kids going back.”

Inspector Ian Stubbs, of the policing team which covers the Treeton area, said officers were preparing to re-start their campaign to improve road safety around schools when the new team starts next month.