Rotherham mum mistaken for teen daughter’s sister reveals ‘secret’ to looking young

Collect of Beverly Wright (R) with a friend
Collect of Beverly Wright (R) with a friend
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When Beverley, Beautician from Rotherham picks up her 14-year-old daughter from school people think she’s her big sister.

With her stylish blonde bob, tight-fitting dresses and size 10 figure - Bev could easily pass for a woman in her mid 20s.

Beverly Wright

Beverly Wright

Incredibly, she’s actually 42.

What’s more, Bev credits her youthful looks to staying single and says her wrinkle-free skin is because she doesn’t have any stress from men because she doesn’t do relationships.

Speaking from her home in Rotherham, she says: “I often look at other people my age and I am staggered to think we are the same.

“People confuse me for a 28-year-old and often think I’m my daughter’s sister. I have got ID’d more times than I did when I was 30!

Beverly Wright her daughter Bailey

Beverly Wright her daughter Bailey

“My secret? Staying single – I’ve never had more than a seven month relationship not even with my daughter’s dad and I feel more youthful than ever.

“My daughter’s friends call me a MILF and I get more attention now than I did when I was 25!”

In 2001, at the age of 28, Bev split up with her longest relationship of seven months, due to a mutual separation.

Single and six months pregnant, Bev was apprehensive for her future.

Beverly Wright her daughter Bailey

Beverly Wright her daughter Bailey

“Relationships always seemed so stressful,” she continues, “So after I split from Bailey’s dad I made a conscious decision to stay out of them.

“When I fell pregnant I was alone and that was how it stayed. I just wanted to be a good mum to my daughter.

“Up until that point I’d enjoyed living life and just worrying about myself.”

But that all changed when Bev welcomed her daughter, Bailey, now 14, into the world.

Beverly Wright

Beverly Wright

She said: “Being a mum changed me. I loved having a little bundle of joy to love, spoil and cherish.

“She became my focus and anything else faded into the back of my mind.

“As Bailey grew, our mother and daughter bond just blossomed. She became my best friend and I watched her grow.”

As the years rolled by, Bev continued to stay single.

Spending more time on her daughter than men, Bev would have a fleeting date and then go back to being mum.

Before she knew it, Bev was turning 40.

She said: “I suddenly panicked. My daughter had grown up and was now 12-years-old.

“For the first time in ages I properly looked in the mirror and saw myself.”

Surprisingly, Bev wasn’t disappointed with the reflection that stared back at her.

She said: “For over 10 years I had laughed and watched my daughter grow up. I hadn’t worried about men or who I was going to fall in love with.”

Not consciously worrying about her appearance clearly worked in Bev’s favour.

Bev’s routine had consisted of a weekly facial, cutting down on carbohydrates and always finishing the day on a glass of red wine.

She said: “I wasn’t trying hard to hang onto my youth – but I also hadn’t had the time to worry about it either.”

Now that Bailey was older, Bev started thinking about her life again.

She said: “I started going out, I thought to myself, why not?

“There was no reason why a 40-year-old single lady couldn’t hit the town with friends.”

Bev started going out on the Rotherham scene with her pals.

Dressing up in figure hugging clothes, Bev was a far cry from a frumpy mum.

She said: “I started to enjoy going out again and realised nothing had changed.

“There I was dancing with friends and minding my own business, when 20-somethings came up to me asking to buy me a drink.”

Laughing at the new found attention, Bev would be honest and tell them her age.

She said: “I couldn’t convince them, they would swear I was late 20s and eventually I just went with it.

“I loved the new found attention and embraced whatever age they put me at – never going above 32!”

Reclaiming her life, every weekend, Bev would get dolled up and revel in her new found admirers - Sometimes squeezing into her size eight daughter’s clothes.

With her daughter safe with friends, Bev could let her bouncy blonde hair down.

She said: “Some people believe they’re over the hill when they turn 40 but I’m living proof this is not true.

“I got more attention in my 40s than I did in my 20s. Every time I out 25-year-old lads would bump and grind with me unaware that I was over 40 with a daughter.

She said: “I decided to start going on dates and embrace my single free self.”

Excitedly, Bev would go on dates with toy-boys between the ages of 25-32.

She said: “I felt so alive again – I hadn’t felt this way in as long as I could remember and was enjoying myself once again.

“There was so much freedom and ease in dating a younger man – we could just have a laugh.”

However, whilst Bev enjoyed the flirting and the attention, she wasn’t prepared for a relationship.

She said: “By the age of 42 I knew I didn’t want anything serious. It was just me and Bailey and that’s all I wanted.

“Dating younger men helped, as they didn’t want anything serious either. Men my own age would have a lot of baggage, that’s not what I wanted.”

After one date, Bev would make her excuses and then never see the guy again.

She said: “I was happy exactly how I was and I witnessed so many friends my age in relationships that seemed so stressful.

“I figured what’s the point of a relationship, all it did was age you and make you moan.”

At the age of 42, Bev says she turned into a female bachelor and a commitment phobe - but she credits this care-free attitude for her youthful looks.

She said: “I finally started living again and just because I was over 40, didn’t mean I had to jump into a relationship.”

The mum and hairdresser didn’t just attract the 20-30s, when doing the school run she had other admirers too.

She said: “Bailey hates it, but boys at her school would shout MILF when I pick her up. I just laugh it off and Bailey rolls her eyes.

“Some people have even assumed we are sisters when we go out shopping together and when I’m at the school gates.

“I’m rarely able to squeeze into her clothes, but if I could, I’d wear them. I do manage to squeeze into a few of her size eight tops.”

Far from slowing down, Bev will be getting ready for her evening out this weekend.

She said: “I’d love to say I will marry one day, but right now I just feel amazing.

“At 42, I’ve finally started living again and people think I’m younger and hotter than ever.

“I wouldn’t change my daughter for the world – but when your life hits pause and then starts again, there’s no reason to ignore it.

“Bailey is so beautiful, she’ll be my competition soon and we’ll go out together!

“There’s nothing wrong with being a fun-young-mum.

“If staying single has kept me youthful, I’m not planning on jumping into anything any time soon.

“Over 40 does not mean you’re past it and I can’t wait for my next chapter.”