Rotherham MP says Government ‘hasn’t done much’ to provide cash for abuse victims

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A Rotherham MP says the Government ‘hasn’t done much’ to provide cash to tackle child abuse in the town since the scandal broke.

Following publication of the Casey Report, which revealed Rotherham Council was still in denial about the 1,400 victims of abuse, Sarah Champion MP said she has been pushing the Prime Minister for funding.

She said: “When the Jay Report came out I went to ask David Cameron and George Osborne for emergency funds to tackle child sexual exploitation. Nearly six months later, that hasn’t happened.”

Mr Cameron said last week he would make cash available for the Rotherham victims but Ms Champion said: “The council was given £120,000 to fund charities but it’s not nearly enough.

“I also asked for a national task force to be put in place so if the things that happened in Rotherham are happening in other places, they will have the expertise in securing prosecutions and supporting the victims.

“We all know South Yorkshire Police and the council are not good enough at this.

“For the past six months, with the best will in the world, they haven’t done very much.”

She also slammed former Police Commissioner Shaun Wright and ex council leader Roger Stone for refusing to be interviewed by Casey investigators.

She said: “It’s absolutely disgusting. It shows a complete lack of respect, not just for the inspection but also for the victims and survivors.”