Rotherham MP gets lesson in new technology

Sarah Champion, Labour MP for Rotherham.
Sarah Champion, Labour MP for Rotherham.
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South Yorkshire MP Sarah Champion has been given a demonstration of new high-speed broadband technology available for residents and businesses.

The Rotherham politician met Trevor Higgins, BT’s regional partnership director, and Openreach fibre engineers to be shown how the technology works after it was made avbaialble for more than 65,000 local homes and businesses.

The new network is available to all companies offering broadband services.

Ms Champion said: “To ensure Rotherham’s future success, we need the right building blocks in place.

“One of these is having the digital technology to support our people and economy.

“Super-fast fibre broadband will transform the business sector and attract new inward investment.

“Hundreds of new jobs and business start-ups are expected to be created.

“With access to fibre broadband, local firms can explore new ways of working and speed up vital operations, to boost their ability to compete.

“It’s not solely about business and industry, though; home computer users will also reap the educational and social benefits of faster internet access.”