Rotherham MP condemns EDL for threats to return to town

Sarah Champion
Sarah Champion
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A Rotherham MP has condemned the English Defence League for threatening to host regular events in the town.

Hundreds of EDL supporters travelled marched through the town ahead of a national rally last weekend.

United Against Fascism members staged a counter protest at the same time.

Around 1,000 police officers were on duty on the day - at a cost of around £500,000.

MP Sarah Champion said: “The right to free speech is one that should be protected, but along with that right comes the expectation that any demonstration is peaceful and fair.

“The EDL have targeted Rotherham twice in the last year, both of which have been billed as national demonstrations.

“By threatening to come to Rotherham on a regular basis, the EDL are starting to single out our town in a way that is unfair, especially given that the costs of these so called national demonstrations are borne by the local council and South Yorkshire Police when they could be spent on providing much needed services.

“The people of Rotherham are proud of our multicultural heritage, and our diversity is something which should be celebrated, not driven out.

The EDL march was not welcome here last weekend.”