Rotherham man left ‘on brink of death’ after attack

Brink of death: David Fish, the victim of vicious assault.
Brink of death: David Fish, the victim of vicious assault.
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A VICTIM of a bizarre and brutal attack was left on the ‘brink of death’ by two thugs who assaulted him with a cache of weapons - and left a homemade bomb at the scene.

David Fish was punched repeatedly, stabbed in the ear with a screwdriver, lost all his teeth, and suffered two broken ribs in an hour-long fight at his home - which was left drenched in blood ‘like a horror film’.

The Army had to be called, and the street evacuated, when an improvised explosive device was found at the scene afterwards.

David, aged 40, spoke out as a judge jailed brothers Charles and Joseph Marshall, aged 24 and 18, for a combined total of over 10 years for aggravated burglary, wounding, and possessing an explosive device.

David told The Star: “I remember thinking, ‘I’m going to die tonight’.

“The doctors don’t know how I survived. I lost five-and-a-half pints of blood - I was on the brink of death.”

David and a pal, Kieran Walker, were at his home on Greenwood Crescent, Wickersley, Rotherham, when the brothers entered through an unlocked door in November 2011.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the pair launched an attack on Mr Walker with a crowbar and hammers, rupturing his spleen - before turning their attentions to David.

“Charles came at me with the crowbar,” he told The Star.

“He hit me about five or six times before I knew what was happening.”

David and his attackers had once been friends - and he said he knows of no reason for the attack.

“I have been trying to make sense of it for 18 months,” said David, who has since changed his name by deed poll to Davy X. “I have not been out since.”

The explosive device - a jam jar fitted with explosives and a fuse - was said to have fallen out of Charles Marshall’s pocket during the struggle.

Both brothers, who pleaded guilty to the charges, had had troubled childhoods, the court heard, but were not regularly violent.

James Baird, defending Charles Marshall, said: “He was in the grip of severe alcoholism, and using cannabis and mephedrone.”

Judge Simon Lawler QC jailed Charles Marshall, of Sherman Avenue, Kimberworth, for six years, and Joseph, of Elliott Court, Rotherham, for four-and-a-half.

Det Con Tony Fitzwilliam, who led the investigation, said afterwards: “This was a vicious, deliberate attack which had a profound impact on the victims.”

He stressed the attack was ‘isolated’.