Rotherham Man died after taking ecstasy

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A CORONER has warned against the dangers of taking recreational drugs after a man died from an ecstasy overdose.

Adam Sheel, aged 28, who was a regular cannabis user and took ecstasy at weekends, collapsed after taking two tablets and three ‘bombs’ of the ecstasy compound PMA.

Rotherham’s Assistant Deputy Coroner Richard Baker told an inquest: “I hope the events of this case will stand as a warning to others that recreational drug use can carry with it fatal consequences.”

The hearing was told PMA was rare in South Yorkshire and a pathologist had only seen two deaths from it in the last 10 years.

Mr Sheels’ girlfriend Leanne Roberts, of Lord Street, Clifton, Rotherham, said he took two ecstasy tablets before he went out.

During the evening he took the ecstasy compound PMA and began hallucinating.

“He was talking to people, it seemed to me as if he thought he was at work. He was walking into walls as if there was a door. He went into the bathroom and was knocking on the door from inside,” said Miss Roberts.

When he took his third bomb he fell over, the inquest heard.

Recording a verdict of misadventure, the coroner said traces of PMA had been found in Adam’s blood and urine and it was known to cause fatal cardiac arrests.

The cause of death was given as cardiac arrest caused by PMA toxicity.

Mr Baker said: “He died as a consequence of the drugs he had consumed. He might not have foreseen the outcome but it was plainly a risk.

“He embarked upon an action which he probably thought was safe. He did not foresee what would happen to him.”