Rotherham abuse trial: Arshid Hussain ‘had children with seven English women and didn’t know their names’

Arshid Hussain
Arshid Hussain
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The central defendant in the Rotherham child sexual exploitation trial has ‘children with seven English women all over the country and doesn’t know their names’, a court heard.

Sheffield Crown Court heard one of Arshid Hussain’s brothers persuaded a 15-year-old girl he had made pregnant to get an abortion by telling her he already had multiple children he did not see.

The woman, who is now 32 and one of 12 complainants involved in the trial of five men and two women accused of being part of a Rotherham child grooming ring, said she was involved with Hussain for about a year after he first had sex with her when she was 14.

She said she was told by Hussain’s younger brother ‘Bono’ to get an abortion after she fell pregnant at the age of 15 and intended to have the baby.

In a video interview with police played to the court, she said: “I were going to keep it. But his brother convinced me. He said ‘Seven people, English women, have got pregnant with Ash all over the country. He doesn’t know their names. What makes you think you are any different?’”

The woman said she knew of two other teenage girls who had abortions around the same time as a result of being made pregnant by Hussain.

She said she had first met Hussain when she visited him in prison with a friend who was having sex with him.

The woman said Hussain first had sex with her when she was 14 years old after picking her up from an Under-17s ‘Pop and Crisps’ night at New York, New York on Ship Hill.

She said he drove them to Clifton Park and had sex with her in his car.

The woman said Hussain was a dealer of ‘smack and crack’ and would make her hold drugs for him and drive them both to Page Hall in Sheffield where he would meet people to sell the drugs to.

She said she was ‘heartbroken’ when he moved onto a younger girl after she had an abortion. The woman said Hussain and the younger girl once had sex on her bed, ripped up a Valentine’s Day card she had sent him and wrote abusive messages to her on mirrors.

She said: “At first he was the nicest person ever. Within a matter of months he was just like messing with my mind. It weren’t a proper relationship, it were just him taking advantage really and ruining my life.”