Rotherham abuse trial: Arshid Hussain '˜dropped girls at police station after being chased by gunmen'

Arshid Hussain arrives at Sheffield Crown CourtArshid Hussain arrives at Sheffield Crown Court
Arshid Hussain arrives at Sheffield Crown Court
An alleged serial child abuser dropped off two teenage girls at Rotherham police station after men with guns started chasing his car, a court heard.

A jury at Sheffield Crown Court was told defendant Arshid Hussain was giving the two girls a lift when the incident happened.

One of the girls, who is now 31 and one of 12 complainants involved in the trial of seven people accused of playing roles in a Rotherham child grooming ring, gave an account of the alleged incident in a video interview played to the court.

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She said: “We were driving on the way to Sheffield and saw these guys he [Hussain] had had arguments with.

“They started pointing guns in the car and he sped off.

“He told me to phone the police. We ended up driving to Rotherham police station, the car were following us, trying to ram us off the road.

“The police took me home because I don’t think I were old enough to give a statement.”

Tahir Khan QC, representing Arshid Hussain, said police had no record of the incident the woman had described.

She said: “There should be.”

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The woman said on another occasion Hussain had provided another girl with a can of CS gas which was sprayed in her face.

She said the attack may have been carried out because she had ended her contact with him.

The woman said Hussain had driven the other girl up to her as she stood on the street.

“It were like a horror film,” she said.

“She just got out, didn’t say anything to me, just sprayed it in my face.

“I can remember Ash laughing and then he just drove off.”

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She said the other girl, who is another complainant in the trial, was given a police caution for the attack.

Arshid Hussain faces one count of indecent assault in relation to the woman, known as Girl K. He denies there was any sexual contact between them.

In her video interviews played to the jury, the woman said Hussain’s brother Bannaras had a sexual relationship with her when she was 14 and made her pregnant, resulting in her having an abortion.

She said Basharat Hussain, another brother of Arshid Hussain and one of his co-defendants, had sex with her when she was 15. Basharat Hussain faces no charges in relation to this complainant.

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The woman said Arshid Hussain had also had sex with her when she was 15 for around an eight-month period.

Under cross-examination, the woman accepted she could not remember details of the first time she alleges she had sex with Arshid Hussain.

“I can just remember being 15. I can’t remember how it came about,” she said.

The woman was asked if she could remember details about an allegation she had once performed a sex act on Hussain.

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She said she was not certain of the circumstances but said the account she had given to police was correct.

Mr Khan said there was no record of the woman having an abortion before the age of 16.

The trial continues.

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