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Do any readers have any information they could share with us about the saying ‘Tib & Lal’ a frequently used expression?

PA & P Kilner, Station Road, Woodhouse

Days of steam trams

A report of a meeting held in the Hillsborough Inn appeared in a copy of The Star from 1895 in which local people discussed whether to charge a penny fare on Hillsborough trams. The local vicar said it would be a big improvement when we had steam trams.

Does anybody know whether we ever had steam trams in Sheffield?

Name and address supplied

Meaning of unelected

what doesn’t Alan Ryder understand about the word unelected?

The reason we have a coalition is that no single party has enough votes to govern on their own. That means half the country haven’t given any party a mandate to rule.

They join forces to avoid another election to select an outright winner. And a five-year term should only be taken by the winning party. A coalition should serve one year and then ask the nation if they are satisfied and if not call an election.

Sanita Singh, Hallam

Bad piece of driving

Illegally and at speed, a coach overtook stationary traffic waiting at a pelican crossing on East Bank Road, outside the Midhill pub, last Friday teatime.

Had a child been crossing from the left, as the lights began to change, there would have been a terrible accident. A shocking piece of driving from a supposedly professional driver.

A Jennings, Leadbeater Road, Gleadless