Roots create difficulty on Greg’s route to his parents

Action desk, Greg Chapman
Action desk, Greg Chapman
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A disabled man’s weekly visits to his elderly parents in Norton were becoming increasingly dangerous when he contacted Action Desk.

Greg Chapman, aged 53, uses a mobility scooter to travel from his home on Little Norton Drive to Norton Park View, to see his 78-year-old parents.

Over the last two years the journey has become more difficult because of a tree root.

Greg said: “A tree root has cracked the pavement.

“It was originally painted yellow, but this has faded.

“Over the last two years it has got worse and worse, and has now reached the point where I can’t drive my scooter over it without risk of falling off.

“I therefore have to go on to the road – which I don’t want to – to avoid the obstruction.”

Greg was told by his local councillor that repairs in the area were due to be carried out as part of the Streets Ahead scheme in 2015.

But what about in the meantime?

Greg added: “I have care twice a day, and the carers who come to see me say they have to see people on the View. The carers have nearly tripped up as well.

“Surely, as the nights are coming in, and horrible weather is more common, an accident is waiting to happen.”


Good news. Action Desk has found out the tree is due to be removed and replaced in the next few weeks.

Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member for environment, recycling and streetscene, said: “As part of the Streets Ahead project we have reviewed the health and condition of the city’s 36,000 highway trees.

“I can confirm for Mr Chapman that the trees on Norton Park View have already been surveyed and a number of trees have been identified for removal, including the tree that Mr Chapman refers to.

“The tree is due to be removed in the coming weeks and a replacement tree will be planted in the planting season which runs from November to March and then repairs will be made to the pavement.

“The tree that will be replaced will be of a species that is better suited to a street environment and its roots should not cause the same problems again.

“We’re going to see a lot of new healthy trees introduced into Sheffield over the next few years, helping to keep Sheffield as one of the greenest cities in the UK.”