Roll on next summer shows

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Most Sundays this summer we have been going to Weston Park, in Sheffield to the open air free concerts which have been taking place.

We have been entertained by concert bands, rock bands, blues bands and brass bands.

All have been really fantastic, and of an excellent standard.

I would like to thank who-ever sponsors and organises these concerts, as they have been really good.

I hope they can start again next summer as they show that live music is alive and well in Sheffield.

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in the park (you can hire chairs for just £1), enjoying the sunshine and listening to some great live music.

I have one suggestion, though.

Perhaps they could do with more publicity. They seem to have been a well-kept secret, as some have been better attended than others.

Anyway, roll on next summer and more shows.

Gillian Hill