Rolf’s painting lost in blaze

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I HAVE read letters asking what happened to the Rolf Harris painting that he painted for the opening of the old Sheaf Valley Baths.

When they were pulling the baths down I asked what they were going to do with it and they said it was going to be destroyed. I offered the council £800 and brought it back to Fletchers Bakery, which I owned at the time.

The picture was so big about 8 feet by 6 feet that we couldn’t find anywhere to put it. Eventually it was hung on an inside wall in the new glass-fronted extension facing Penistone Road.

It was there when I retired and sold the bakery to Northern Foods in 1999. Unfortunately when that part of the bakery was burnt down a few years ago, the painting went with it.

Paul Fletcher, S11

Why close lane?

why do police close Leppings Lane for Sheffield Wednesday matches, pushing all traffic onto Penistone Road?

There’s no need. What about the people of Wisewood, Wadsley, Loxley. It took me 45 minutes to get home, queuing in traffic. It’s not for safety reasons because at most matches not many away fans show up.

When the station was open and away fans were brought down past the Gate and Travellers pubs, trouble was frequent. Now there is no station and no pubs and hardly any away fans but loads of police. They didn’t close Leppings Lane then. Why now?

P Hartley, Wisewood Ave

Blue badges

I’m sick and tired of the way this city is being run.

We read all the time that people in Doncaster, Chesterfield and Barnsley get fined for littering offences and misuse of blue badges. When was the last time anyone from Sheffield was fined for these offences?

The illegal parking in bus stops is scandalous and I see the police and traffic wardens pass these places every day and do naff all.All blue disabled badges should be checked by a warden because I have seen on numerous occasions people get out of a vehicle and sprint down the road or return with three or four bags of shopping. I am disabled and wish I could do that - but then I wouldn’t need a blue badge, would I?

PF, Sheffield