The Rocky Horror Show, Sheffield Lyceum

Paul's not keen on the S Club 7 Time Warp'¦

Thursday, 16th June 2016, 1:28 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th June 2016, 1:33 pm
The Rocky Horror Show.

S Club 7 star Paul Cattermole will be doing the Time Warp again on stage in The Rocky Horror Show but doesn’t think he will Bring It All Back with the band any time soon.

The band, who starred in TV show Miami 7, had a reunion tour last year but he doesn’t seem keen to repeat that.

Paul said: “I’m not really sure if it’s the kind of thing that’s going to work any more.

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“It has made a lot of people very happy and some of it made me happy but that’s way back in the past.

“I have a nostalgic moment every once in a while but I’m hoping it’s not something that comes back.”

He joined the band out of drama school and wasn’t asked to sing or dance at his audition, although he could.

He said: “The alarm bells were ringing in my head and I should have listened to that.

“I was going to be employed for my talking ability so that I could cover the interviews.”

Paul said he had a great time in Miami filming the show, as well as hair-raising moments filming with an alligator.

It was so hot that everyone was falling asleep on set. Paul remembers hoping the alligator’s wrangler, who was holding its tail out of the camera shot, wasn’t going to nod off too...

Paul had only seen the Rocky Horror movie before he auditioned for the dual roles of bad boy Eddie and his scientist uncle Dr Scott.

He said: “When I saw the show live, it was awesome. It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen for script, comedy, music and characters.

“The story isn’t too serious, which is one of the things I love about it as well. It’s as much fun to do as it was to watch. It’s such a great show to be in.”

He’s had great fun putting on the fishnets as Dr Scott.

He said: “I like the way people cheer for that moment when even the old doctor has got tights on.”

The show is famed for audience interaction. Fans dress up and have set responses to lines.

Paul said: “You come to the front of the stage and get to see a fair few Eddies in the audience. He’s a popular character.”

He remembers working in Sheffield with music producer Eliot Kennedy.

“That was 15 to 16 years ago and Elliot is the guy who wrote Bring It All Back. He pulls people up from London to Sheffield to work with him. He’s so good you’ve got to go up there to work for him. He’s such a lovely guy.”

Paul was taken by Elliot to a Steelers game and loved the atmosphere. He said: “It was rocking to songs he’d written.”

The Rocky Horror Show is at the Lyceum next Monday to Saturday. Box office: Sheffield Theatres or 249 6000.