Rock star leaves 100 Euro tip for Sheffield pianist

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A pianist’s tips were on a different scale after he played for a rock star in a Sheffield tapas bar.

Ralph Salt, aged 70, was playing at Cubana in Leopold Square, when he was handed a 100 Euro tip by a customer - Sid ‘Ratboy’ Wilson from American rockband Slipknot.

He said the tip is the largest he has ever received in 50 years of playing at venues across Sheffield.

His famous fan - legendary in rock circles for his death defying stage diving which once left him with two broken heels - spent six hours eating, drinking and listening to live jazz at Cubana on the night he left his tip.

He was spotted by an eagle-eyed member of staff, who is a fan of the band, and swapped places with resident pianist Ralph at the end of night to play some of his own tunes for staff and customers.

Ralph said: “Sid was a real gentleman and couldn’t have been further removed from his Slipknot persona. He was very appreciative of my performance and even asked me to play my choice of sentimental song as an encore.

“I thought a Joe Cocker song was the perfect choice given his recent passing and Sid listened intently throughout.

“It’s fair to say I was presented with the biggest tip I’ve ever had in my career and it couldn’t have come from a more unlikely candidate.”