Rock band cash bid rejection

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TOWN councillors have been accused of having ‘political’ motives for rejecting an application by a rock group for travelling expenses to an event in Germany.

Bernie Charlesworth, chairman of Dronfield Town Twinning Federation, asked a meeting of Dronfield Town Council why they had rejected the application for cash to help the group attend the annual town twinning visit to Sindelfingen.

Dronfield has been linked with the German town for 40 years.

Mr Charlesworth said his son-in-law Richard Bull, the father of Mike Bull, a member of group Mayhem Wednesday which applied for the grant, was a former Lib Dem town councillor when control of the council has passed to the Conservatives.

He said he thought the decision to refuse funding was a political one.

Mr Charlesworth said: “The federation give £200 to those taking part in the twinning event at Sindelfingen, but the rock group needed more money so they asked the town council for a grant.

“I have asked the town council twice why they refused the request but they have not given me a reason and I have a gut feeling it is political.”

Dronfield Town Council said grants were given to projects of benefit to the local community and that the application did not fit that criteria.