Robin Hood not ‘ours’

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It is not time to ‘move on’ from the closure of Sheffield City Airport, since many unanswered questions are unresolved.

Many in the business and private community must still feel frustrated and angry that we appear to have been denied this facility, another blow for the fourth largest city in the UK.

It was apparent from from learned sources at the time of closure that, with improved technology then available, flights to the far corners of Europe could be undertaken, even with the short length of the runway. It could therefore accommodate many journeys required, leaving the larger airports to deal with long distance flights.

Robin Hood Airport is not ‘our’ airport.

Hopefully the protesters will continue until we get proper answers.

But could Sheffield City Airport be revived?

DV, Cave, Sheffield

n Sheffield councillors should all be ashamed of themselves after the latest disaster in the airport debacle.

As time goes on, the council looks more and more like a ventriloquist’s dummy, with Peel sounding the words.

Now a council spokesman (May 17) says they have not breached any terms of the agreement or lease. And their only role was to inherit the situation from the SDC.

This isn’t good enough. The airport was built to improve links into the city and to make it easier for businesses to attract customers. It was all about investment and jobs, and ultimately a better future for Sheffield people.

SCC should have fought tooth and nail for the airport.

Why didn’t SCC protect the airport? Were they just incompetent, or was there something else more sinister going on?

Michael Wood