Robbers jailed over raids at Sheffield shops

Michael Wiles after a robbery in May.
Michael Wiles after a robbery in May.
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a PAIR of robbers who held up two Sheffield newsagents on the same day have been locked up for five years.

Jack Bush, aged 22, of Fox Hill Road, Fox Hill, and 21-year-old Benjamin Gibson, of Norfolk Park Road, Norfolk Park, Sheffield, raided a shop owned by newsagent Mick Wiles.

Mick dubbed himself Britain’s unluckiest shopkeepr after being struck with a hammer, stabbed and almost having an eye gouged out in separate raids over recent years

Mick, who has run his newsagent’s shop on Langsett Road, Hillsborough, for 36 years, was targeted by the pair on Monday, May 28.

They pushed him out of their way as one of them ran towards the counter, before turning around and fleeing empty-handed.

But on the same day they successfully raided JN News on Halifax Road, Wadsley Bridge, and were caught by police.

Bush and Gibson were jailed at Sheffield Crown Court after admitting robbery and attempted robbery.

The attempted raid on Mick’s shop came in the same month he ended up in hospital after he was struck over the head with a hammer in another robbery.

He has also been stabbed and saw his 80-year-old dad, Lewis Wiles, collapse and die outside the shop following a row with yobs in 2007.

Mick, whose shop is fitted with CCTV cameras, said he was pleased with the jail sentences handed out to Bush and Gibson.

The 58-year-old said: “They pushed me out of the way and one of them ran to the counter, but then they turned round and didn’t take anything.

“However, they did another shop on the same day and got something there.

“I have been targeted so many times now, that I check outside every five minutes to see if anyone is hanging around.

“I also refuse to serve some people if I don’t trust them and tell them they are trespassing and to get out.

“People see small business like me as an easy target, because they know that we don’t employ the security staff that big stores do.

“But we can’t back down and let them win, or it will get worse for us.”