Roadworks could be waste of cash

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Roadworks have recently taken place on Worksop Road, Aston, next to the new Aston Service Centre, to create a pedestrian refuge area on the brow of the hill.

Double yellow lines have also been put in place on either side of the road for this area.

However, with these road works taking place in the ‘middle’ of the day (when everybody is at work and there are no cars parked on the side of the road) the double yellow lines have not been brought into perspective when cars are parked on the road, evenings and weekends.

This makes it a very difficult and a narrow situation when trying to pass parked cars yet still trying to keep to the correct side of the road to pass this pedestrian area.

The double yellow lines need extending beyond the pedestrian area so no cars will be able to park in the space between the pavement and this new area.

At the moment, when travelling away from Swallownest, you have to swerve in and out of parked cars but space is limited as swerving too far would mean driving into the pedestrian area in the middle of the road!

It would be impossible if cars are parked up to the double yellow lines (as they are legally allowed to do), for a bus or large vehicle such as emergency services to pass. Resulting in no central refuge!

I understand that putting this in place has made crossing the road a little safer for pedestrians but a hazard for motorists and a waste of money if this needs to be removed.

How it got passed by the planners beggars belief.

Nicola Hall, Aston, Sheffield