Road death shows 40mph is too fast

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I WOULD like to congratulate the Star on its campaign to make the roads safer around our schools. I would however, like to include the problems relating to Ecclesfield Comprehensive School to be included in this campaign.

This is a large comprehensive school with over 1,700 pupils, yet the speed limit outside is 40 mph.

When I was a councillor for this area, I campaigned for safety measures and was successful in getting a puffin crossing installed outside the school, in spite of objections at that time from the local Labour councillor.

A number of issues, (police objections being one of them, meant the speed limit could not be reduced.

Since then, we have unfortunately seen a fatality on this stretch of road, which in my view only reinforces the need to take positive action and reduce the speed limit before there are any further serious injuries.

Since Labour took control of the city council in May 2011 they have taken highways funding out of the hands of local councillors, who know their area and centralised it under the control of town hall beaurocrats. I therefore ask the city council to look again at this problem and take action as a matter of urgency.

Colin Taylor, Chapeltown

I refer to the front page headline on Wednesday, June 20: Your child’s life at risk. Schools to crack down on dangerous illegal parking.

The parking chaos at schools is only one of many where yellow lines and signs are routinely ignored. Asking people to be more responsible has not worked in the past and will not in the future.

It is an ongoing problem and gets worse with the increase in traffic volume.

There is a solution that will work. Advise all parents that as from Monday next any car parked illegally, or causing an obstruction will be issued with a fixed price ticket.

Insp Ian Stubbs said: no parking. No waiting. No excuses. Enforce it!

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