Ripped off

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It’s a disgrace what Sheffield Council is doing to pensioners. The ones who pay for home care are having to pay double from October 24, which can be as much as £350 a week.

If we didn’t have so many scroungers, pensioners wouldn’t be getting ripped off

Ann Taylor, Sheffield

Author Simon

I’d like to thank Simon Beckett for giving a talk about his life in writing and his books at Frecheville Library. It was great to see more than 30 people attend.

Simon grew up on the Frecheville estate and was a pupil of Frecheville School. He visited Frecheville Library a few months ago as he had fond memories of his time spent there and how it had inspired him along with his English teachers in his career in writing. This led to him giving a talk that was informative and very enjoyable. We hope he visits again very soon.

Coun Karen McGowan

The gravy train

not so long ago and much to the objections of the other parties, the loony left decided to award councillors lucrative allowances and expenses for doing what is less than a 10-hour week, part-time job. One wonders if any of the loony left have realised - though probably they couldn’t care less - that they added a whole new group of passengers to the gravy train.

J Oxby, Greenland Drive, S9

Record profits

The greedy energy providers are bumping up the prices even though they are making huge profits and our caring Government is slashing winter fuel payments even though the Met Office predicts a harsh winter. I predict that next year funeral directors and crematoriums will also be recording record profits.

Dave Croucher, Doncaster


i’ve just seen a young woman pushing a pram with one hand, a mobile phone at her ear wedged into her neck, was smoking a cigarette and eating a Crunchie bar. It just goes to show that women are great at multi-tasking.

Jayne Grayson, Parson Cross