Rights of motorists

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The article ‘Excel gives drivers court warning’ (Apr 26) points out that Simon Renshaw-Smith, Excel’s Managing Director, is a member of the British Parking Associations (BPA’s) Approved Operator Scheme board.

In doing so, readers are led to believe that this represents some sort of conflict of interest. This could not be further from the truth.

The article neglected to mention that Mr Renshaw-Smith is only one of approaching 20 representatives from different bodies in the motoring industry, including the RAC, the Institute of Advanced Motorists and the Federation of Private Residents’ Associations (FRPA), Disabled Motoring UK and others who are able to voice the concerns of their members and of motorists.

It would be impossible to have a board which makes policy decisions about the parking industry without the involvement of companies that operate at the coal face of that industry, every day.

The Approved Operator Scheme provides a framework for essential regulation in an otherwise unregulated industry.

The BPA has been campaigning tirelessly for many years for the Government to take on this role themselves but they have repeatedly refused to do so. We have however finally achieved an Independent Appeals Service for motorists parking on private land which we hope will go live in October of this year.

This should demonstrate beyond doubt that the BPA and its respective operating boards are determined to safeguard the rights of British motorists.

Patrick Troy, CEO of the British Parking Association