Ridiculous way to demand cash

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WE’RE sure readers will join us in calling on Sheffield Council to end its policy of charging people for home care visits when they are admitted to hospital.

This is an outrageous municipal sleight of hand which is excused apparently because it does little more than overcome an administrative problem.

Officials say that if someone is admitted to hospital, they are in danger of losing their position on the care register as slots are limited.

But what is to stop the council explaining to people who are given access to care while someone is hospitalised that this is only a temporary measure which will end when the original recipient is discharged?

It ought not to be beyond the collective brainpower of the town hall to come up with a system which does not charge folk for a service they are not receiving.

In any other walk of life, anyone suggesting such a system would be told it’s wrong to expect money for nothing.

Charity boost for good local causes

CHARITY begins at home. And you would be hard pressed to find a charity more at home in our region than the South Yorkshire Community Foundation. What’s more, it is now sitting on a multi-million pound pot of goodwill to spend on local worthy causes.

The money is the result of much hard work by the foundation and its supporters. They set a target of bringing in £1.27 million through local fund raising activities. This money was raised - no small achievement in the current economic climate - and was then boosted by government match-funding.

But the tireless crew at South Yorkshire Community Foundation weren’t finished. They asked for more, considering that cash set aside for other groups around the country had not all been handed out.

And they were lucky enough to finally cash in a total of £3.5m.

This is a terrific organisation which has achieved a lot in the county since it was set up. And we are sure that this good and hard work will continue now that it has such a healthy bank balance to spend on worthy causes.

Touching tribute

IT has touched the lives of many in this city. And its work is universally applauded. So an appeal to raise funds for St Luke’s Hospice is one we endorse without hesitation. The Starlight Walk is the main event in a calendar year of fundraising fun as the Whirlow site toasts its 40th year. The Star has joined forces with the hospice to encourage people to sign up to the 5km evening event. Details are on page 6 and we hope as many of you as possible will join in what sounds like a perfect evening - a walk in a beautiful part of Sheffield and all in aid of a city institution.