Rider breaks leg after hitting traffic warden’s car door - then gets parking ticket for leaving bike while in hospital

At his Aston Home is Karlos Dearman
At his Aston Home is Karlos Dearman
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A SCOOTER rider whose leg was broken when he was hit by a traffic warden’s car door was stunned to be issued with a parking ticket - for leaving his bike at the scene of the collision while he went to hospital for treatment.

Karlos Dearman, aged 19, was travelling along Queens Road when a traffic warden, whose car was parked, suddenly opened his door.

It struck Karlos hard on the ankle, fracturing the bone - and he was taken to hospital where he spent five days receiving treatment.

But, while he was in hospital recovering, another traffic warden slapped a £60 fixed penalty notice on his abandoned scooter.

Karlos, who works as a bicycle mechanic, said he thought it was a “sick joke” at first. “I was taken to hospital by ambulance with an open fracture - obviously I had to leave my bike at the side of the road,” he said.

“So I couldn’t believe it when my dad went to collect it the following morning and there was a parking ticket on it.”

It was only when The Star intervened that the city council agreed to rescind the ticket.

Karlos said: “I thought my dad was winding me up, because it had been a traffic warden who had hit my scooter in the first place.

“But when he told me it was true I felt angry and disbelief that they would do this to me.”

Karlos, of Blackstock Road, Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, says the police put a notice on his bike after the collision, giving permission for it to remain at the crash scene until he could arrange for its collection.

“There was a notice on my bike saying it was allowed to be there, but I got the fine any way,” he said.

“I know the traffic warden didn’t mean to hit me, but to be issued with a parking ticket is a bit much.”

Sheffield Council agreed to cancel the parking ticket after Karlos contacted us for help.

A council spokeswoman said the traffic warden involved in the initial incident rang for an ambulance for Karlos, and the parking ticket was stuck onto his bike the following day when another warden, unaware of the circumstances, spotted it parked illegally.

Kevan Butt, parking services manager at Sheffield Council, added: “The penalty charge notice in question has already been cancelled.

“It seems the notice South Yorkshire Police placed on the vehicle was removed.

“Unfortunately the officer who issued the notice was unaware of the special measures that had been granted, and as the police notice had been removed they wouldn’t have known.

“We wish Mr Dearman a speedy recovery and we will not be upholding the Parking Charge Notice.”