Richard Fidler: Jury is still out on O’Grady move from S6 to Oakwell

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Dave Jones said the Chris O’Grady transfer was a good deal for Wednesday. Here’s a selection of comments on

Handsworth said: “No one can disagree with what the Manager says, namely, that the money will enable him to bring in another player or players but it goes further than that doesn’t it, will the money so spent mean we have a better team, a team no different, or one not as good. Bear in mind O’Grady was a proven goalscorer.”

Drewson responded: “If you look at it like that Handsworth then Madine is a proven goalscorer - COG’s 9 (51) compared with GM’s 27 (98) and their respective rates at Rotherham and Carlisle. Would you have both or one of them alongside a player like Lita? COG certainly wins out on wholehearted commitment and he is at the prime age for a striker.”

You’ll always be second to us added: “Well I fear that £300,000 will not enough to bring in the players we need, and if the chairman is not going to spend anymore, well I feel for us the supporters who yet again done our job by putting our money in only to be disappointed yet again.