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some mischievous people may say that the Blades annual report this week was more eagerly anticipated by the blue and white half of the city rather than in S2.

The figures have been dissected by contributors on with almost Robert Peston type zeal.

Steelcityblue wrote: “You made an operating loss of £13.6m. That’s £261,538 every week and £37,362 per day. It is £25.94 every minute. Oops there goes another 50 quid.”

CB1889 replied: “Despite what a few Owls may think the latest reports are not actually all doom and gloom at all. Key Facts are: Net debt reduced from £57m to £32m. The club is now free of bank debt and thus all debt owed to McCabe and few members of the board.”

Owls about that! had his eyes on 2012: “Next year’s results will be when you need to worry! Without investment it’s simply not sustainable on the revenues and operating costs you have... yielding the axe like you have may save you a few 100k here and there but it doesn’t put millions back in the revenue line.”

Blade 1889 said: “I’m pleased to hear that the debt has been reduced but that included the sale of the hotel and business centre. So how do we plan of clearing the rest? While continuing to incur further debts due to falling attendances etc. What else have United got to sell? The Lane? It doesn’t bear thinking about.”