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THEY should have made the perfect foster parents.

Steven and Kylie Cocker have two young sons of their own and Kylie lived with foster families until she was 18.

They even own their own home, a three-bed semi which has been in the family for generations.

But the couple were rejected as foster carers because their spare bedroom is too small.

Yes, you read that correctly, their bedroom was deemed to small.

Never mind that Steven’s mum was brought up in the house and the spare room served her well until she was 21.

Now there is apparently not enough room for a bed, clothes and a child to spend time in.

What a lot of nonsense.

Here are a couple who wanted to make a difference to a child that needed not only a home but a family.

They wanted to help but instead were turned down for no good reason.

Their house is typical of ones across the city where children are being brought up perfectly well in snug bedrooms.

We hope this decision is reviewed because it simply does not make sense.

Volunteer foster families need encouraging rather than putting off.

Make sure these factories are safe

THE new HS2 high speed rail line won’t arrive in Sheffield for another 20 years at least.

Whatever the economic benefits when it does arrive, the initial plans released for the route are already having a negative impact.

Those plans show the line running through three factories that are major assets for the nation’s economy, its manufacturing capabilities and its defence.

Customers, who include leading global players, are already asking questions about the long-term security of supply for safety critical components made by companies on HS2’s route through the city region.

They need answers – and they need them quickly, which is why it is good to see that a trio of local MPs have already met with key decision makers in government and at HS2.

David Blunkett – a shrewd Sheffield Parliamentarian if ever there was one – appears optimistic.

That is encouraging.

What would be even more encouraging would be a swift statement from Transport Minister Simon Burns that the line will be diverted, those factories are safe and their customers can rest assured that their vital supply chains are secure.