REVIEW: Fast and Furious Live at Sheffield FlyDSA is an action packed ride

I'd barely walked through the arena doors and I could smell the fumes.

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Saturday, 28th April 2018, 8:58 am
A nail-biting action-packed ride

And as the adrenaline began to pump through my veins I couldn't think of a better way to start a weekend than with a bit of petrol-fuelled motor madness.

Fast and Furious is one of the biggest film franchises on the planet and I was intrigued to see how it would translate into a live action showpiece.

The answer - lots of super cars with spit-firing exhausts and burning rubber along with some loud bangs, explosive fireballs and lots of spectacular stunts. This show was not for the faint-hearted.

Fast and Furious Live plays its only Yorkshire dates at Sheffield FlyDSA Arena this weekend with three other shows following the Friday night opening - Saturday, April 28, 3pm and 8pm; Sunday, April 29, 2pm.

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Fast and Furious Live is a live action showpiece

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The night began with a screeching car performing donuts around the tour director's ankles and it was then I knew we were in for a nail-biting action-packed ride, writes Daniel Bailey

Hollywood star Vin Diesel then appeared on a large big screen backdrop to share an opening monologue, which was followed with snippets from the films' many other leading lights, including 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson and the late Paul Walker.

Fast and Furious Live plays its only Yorkshire dates at Sheffield FlyDSA Arena this weekend April 27-29, 2018.

There was lots of interaction to excite the crowd, who played their part early on after being invited to create their own street racer through the power of voting.

One of the highlights ... literally, was the amazing 'illuminations' race as four brightly-coloured vehicles whizzed by with flashing LED lights, changing colour and sparkling like glitter while performing some breath-taking synchronised moves. It was like watching Strictly Come Dancing, but with cars.

The shoot-out on ice was entertaining, proving the show wasn't all about racing cars as it also featured a tank, three snow mobiles, an exploding missile and even a submarine.

An exciting police chase kicked off an explosive second half as a giant safe was dragged along by two runaway vehicles. As the culprits were chased down, shots were fired and it wasn't long before the safe erupted, much to the pleasure of the crowd who were happy to be showered with all the money - $100m to be exact.

Fast and Furious Live is a live action showpiece

Next came an impressive two-car slalom display around several concrete pillars and the car that we built also appeared for a slice of the action.

The biggest 'wow' moment came when a man called Chase performed a spectacular somersault over a car speeding towards him at 40mph, drawing deep breaths inside the arena.

And who'd have thought we'd be treated to flying cars? Well, we were! To find out how that was done you will have to go and see the show. As for me, with the tyre-screeching still ringing in my ears, I was left feeling like a true petrol head.

Fast and Furious Live is running on Saturday 28th April at 3pm and 8pm, and Sunday 29th April at 2pm.

Fast and Furious Live plays its only Yorkshire dates at Sheffield FlyDSA Arena this weekend April 27-29, 2018.