REVIEW: Dirty Dancing Experience, Cannon Hall Farm, Barnsley

Dirty Dancing experience
Dirty Dancing experience
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I was eight years old the first time I saw Dirty Dancing.

I remember being awed by Penny, my heart fluttering a little as I was introduced to Johnny Castle for the first time and, shrieking with delight at ‘that’ lift. This film had it all.

And just when you think Dirty Dancing can’t get any better, I discover that the absolute BEST way to watch a film you with 10,000 people who ALSO adore it!

Sneaky Experience took over Barnsley’s Cannon Hall Farm at the weekend with their Dirty Dancing Experience, to celebrate 30 years since the release of the cult classic - and it honestly surpassed all my expectations. Two hours before the film began, we secured a spot in front of the big screen and headed straight to the 60s-themed Cocktail Shack to try one or two of their fabulous house special ‘watermelon’ cocktails. On a stage near the front, musicians and singers blasted out sixties classics while people danced and jigged - some in costume, some not - and others tried their hand at everything from hoola-hooping and limbo-ing, to instructor-led merengue classes!

We stopped in a photo booth where we had a go at ‘carrying a watermelon’ for the camera, joined in the Baby & Johnny dance-off and soaked up the incredible atmosphere before the film kicked off at 9pm.

The grand screen guaranteed everyone had the best seats in the house and the audio was fantastic. But by far my favourite part was the way the audience demonstrated their love of this classic film - joining in every dance, singing along with every song, screaming with delight the first time Patrick Swayze appeared on screen, and whooping and clapping every famous line, of which there are plenty! (‘I carried a watermelon,’ ‘spaghetti arms’ and the ultimate: ‘nobody puts Baby in a corner’).

I didn’t think it was possible to eek any more enjoyment out of this film. I was wrong. This is the way to do it. We had the Time Of Our Lives.

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