REVIEW: Ben & Holly

Ben & Holly review
Ben & Holly review
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There’s plenty of big fun to be had in the Little Kingdom!

It was with a very excited three-year-old in tow that we headed to Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre last week to meet up with everyone’s favourite elf and fairy duo. After a stop-in at the ‘merchandise’ shop - where we browsed wands, masks and balloons at surprisingly reasonable prices - we took our seat.

From start to finish, the experience of the Little Kingdom didn’t disappoint, creating a bright and colourful world with plenty of lively dancing, singing and a healthy dose of ‘he’s behind you!’ style shouting encouraged. The simple but imaginative sets helped the colourful characters tell familiar stories that hard-core fans (guilty) will recognise from the popular TV show. With a nicely timed interval and a show that was just long enough, everyone left wanting a little more; perfection.