Review: '˜Ama Y Bebe' by Marta Soul at Sheffield's Dina Venue

We went to the opening of the exhibition of 'AMA Y BEBE' by Marta Soul, a notable Spanish photographer who is starting to work in the UK as well.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 5:18 am
Ama Y Bebe exhibition by Marta Soul, being shown at Dina Venue, Sheffield.

She operates like a ‘mise en scene’ director - setting the stage, finding the actors and filming, to later carefully select and work on the precious image gem. She reproduces in her images, what happens socially time after time, somehow tradition, making it visible to us right there. A condensed image that shows the chains and machinery of society, the gender roles, some boredom articulated and lubricated by the ritual of drinking. It is a highly recommendable experience. Marta Soul’s exhibition brings a sense of humour and intelligence into the sensitive and empty centre of modern life.

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