Reverend and The Makers singer in Twitter spat with Lib Dem lord and pop star Olly Murs

Sheffield music star Jon McClure became embroiled in a Twitter spat with a Liberal Democrat peer and pop star Olly Murs in a row over books.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 6th May 2016, 10:56 am
Updated Friday, 6th May 2016, 11:05 am
Reverend and The Makers frontman Jon McClure.
Reverend and The Makers frontman Jon McClure.

The Reverend and The Makers frontman clashed with both Lib Dem peer Lord Paul Scriven and the Troublemaker and Dance With Me Tonight star as a social media debate about libraries boiled over.

McClure ended up being blocked by both Murs and an account "Loveshefflibrarians" as well as swapping angry tweets with former Sheffield City Council leader Paul Scriven, now a peer in the House of Lords.

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The city star drily tweeted after the exchanges: "Olly Murs has blocked me n all. It's a dark day this."

The spat began when McClure tweeted: "How did u get elected Paul? Oh wait..... You didn't."

In reference to yesterday's elections, the Lord responde: "Correct but standing today ask tomorrow!" with the Reverend responding: "Oh, so you only like democracy when you win, got ya."

The Lord hit back tweeting: "No I take both the winning and the losing. That is what democracy is all about."

Pop star Olly Murs

An account @Loveshefflibrarians, whose Twitter profiile reads: "Librarians are as important as social workers police officers and doctors. We need them all. Sheffield's community libraries need their librarians back" then waded into the row and tweeted: "Labour cllrs only get elected in such numbers due to discontent against the Tory govt in Westminster. Visitor numbers at volunteer libraries have virtually collapsed yet Labour cllrs refuse to listen to alternatives. If we had a council that listened to communities the council would be spending cash on worthwhile stuff like community library staff instead of its failed attempts at city centre "regeneration"

The singer hit back: "@Loveshefflibra1 @Paulscriven let's get the homeless off the streets of Sheffield and get everyone a job then we'll talk about ur books eh?"

In response, the libraries account replied: "Ignorance is bliss isn't it" before the Reverend replied with: "I guess when you live in a middle class bubble , libraries are deemed more important than people eh."

After he was blocked, the star than tweeted: "I've been blocked by "love sheffield librarians" I've upset the Quinoa brigade with some real life s*** again."

Lib Dem peer Lord Scriven

A few hours later he revealed he had been blocked by Murs and tweeted: "If anyone sees Murs tell him I'm p***** off he blocked me. I was planning on telling him he looks like a white Gervinho wi that forehead."

Pop star Olly Murs
Lib Dem peer Lord Scriven