REVEALED: The most common white lies used by people in Sheffield

People often claim their phone is short of battery.
People often claim their phone is short of battery.
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A survey has revealed the most common white lies used by people in Sheffield.

The OnePoll survey for 888poker discovered that 80% of people are willing to tell a fib now and again, whether for a good cause or just to take an extra day off work.

Here are the most common fibs people use

* "I'm on my way!" - More than 62% of people admitted to saying they were somewhere they weren’t.

* "I got stuck in traffic!" - 53% of respondents used busy roads and transport as their excuse for being late.

* “I like your outfit!” – Protecting feelings, or protecting themselves? Either was, 53% of people copped to telling this white lie.

* "It was on sale!" - Although more popular amongst women, almost 45% of people told the occasional fib about how much they were spending.

* “I’m ill!” - 44% of people said they’ll occasionally pull a sickie to get off work.

* “My phone ran out of battery!” - 41% of respondents dodged a conversation by blaming their technology.

* "I only had one drink!" – 36% of respondents said they’d understated how much they’d put away.

* “I didn’t have any signal!” - 44% of people just didn’t want to pick up the phone.

35% of people said they had lied about spending time with loved ones while 32% of respondents admitted to "boosting" their CV a little bit.

84% of women said they believed it was OK to tell the occasional white lie, compared to 77% of men.

* 20% of respondents would stick to their lie if they were caught out.

* 42% of women have lied about their diets – a moment on the lips…

* 32% of people have fibbed on their CV – but the other 68% might be lying.

* 55% of women have lied about the price of a purchase, compared to only 33% of men